SonJohn, CSP for Fedex Ground. Hampton, Virginia

Thank you for your interest regarding our Driver Positions. Please take 15 minutes to read the following information, as it explains the preliminary requirements for employment.

Preliminary Requirements

We use a third party company to screen all applicants to make sure you pass the standards Fedex has set. They will be looking at the following information:

  1. Must be 21 or older.
  2. Previous driving employment. One years worth in the past three years going back from the date of application.*
  3. Clean driving record, this goes back three to seven years.**
  4. Must have an active Drivers License. You cannot drive with a suspended license.
  5. Preferably a clean criminal history.**
  6. Must be able to pass an initial drug screen, as well as randoms while employed. Note: If you are on any medication that is considered an opioid or narcotic it will be flagged as ineligible for hire. This will apply to the use of Marijuana. Legal as it may be in the state of Virginia for those over 21, Fedex has decided that it will result as being ineligible for hire and be a cause of termination if you fail a random.

*Note: Previous driving employment means you worked for a company operating either a vehicle they owned such as catering vans or landscaping trucks, delivery services using your own personal vehicle for places like Pizza Hut or providing services like lyft and uber.

**Note: If you do have a charge on your driving record or criminal background it does not automatically disqualify you. Some minor offenses can be overlooked. Often the only way we find out is to fill out the application, and see what their verdict is. There is a hotline if you wish to contest their verdict, for example if a charge had been dropped, or there was an expungement from your record. So if you want to proceed to the application process and try, we can. Just know if they disqualify you, I have no control over it.

These requirements are standard and non-negotiable. If you find them easily met, then feel free to read further to see about our location and service area, job expectations, and employment information.

Location and Service Area

We operate out of the Hampton terminal at 61 Floyd Thompson Blvd, our primary service areas are Hampton, Newport News, and Suffolk. This involves a 5 to 20 minute drive from the terminal to our service area depending on route location. So every morning you would report to the Terminal in Hampton before setting out to complete your route and then return the truck to the terminal.

Job Expectations

To give our Team the best chance to succeed everyday we follow simple rules and or regulations. The following is an abbreviated list to give you an idea.

Again this is an abbreviated list. We do give each employee training to cover the job expectations.


Training takes between two to three weeks depending on the individual. During training you will train with both other drivers and members of management so that you can be evaluated on your progress. Examples of training are as follows:

After training is complete you are given your own route to run. If at any point we receive customer complaints, or find your service below standard we reserve the right to put you back through a refreshers training course to correct the point of error.

How Do I Apply?

Please send all Inquires to

Once I recieve your First Name, Last Name, and Email address I will send you the Application via First Advantage. **Note- these do end up in the spam or trash folder on occasion. So be sure to check these folders.

I will require a photo copy of the following documents:

If you have any questions about the application process, please feel free to reach out to me.

Thank you again for your interest and I hope to hear from you soon. Have a great day!

***This site may be updated to reflect changes in company policy at any time.***